Ultimate Top 10 Tricks & Hacks For New Windows 10

By the launching of Windows 10, The great biggest corporate company made their way to another great achievement and great success. With the integrating of digital assistant to the Windows Os , and also shifting their windows as a service model, they gained to achieve in the making Windows 10.

Top 10 Tips To Do After Installing Windows 10

Windows 10 packs comes with lots of integrated features, Don’t worry, we will discuss it here. Along with that, today we are going to tell you the tricks and tips than can be do with your windows OS also the things to do after installing windows 10.

Ultimate Top 10 Tricks To Do After Installing Windows 10

#1. You Can Download Updates From Multiple Places

We all use bit torrent or any other torrent websites for easy downloading anything from the vast of internet. You ll be happy to know that, our Windows 10 comes with integrated P2P protocol which enable users to to download updates from multiple places and not only from Microsoft servers.

#2. Instead Of Quick Access, Use Windows Explorer To “This PC”

On contrary to older Windows OS version , in Windows 10 you can make to open “This PC” by opening Windows Explorer which favors a lot of users to help them, but some may not. So if you want to enable it.

Click on view tab on menu toolbar and then click on the Options. In that you can select the option “Open File Explorer to“-  “Select Quick Access

#3. Saves A  Lot Of Hard Disk Space By Deleting The Older Windows Version

Majority of the users who using Windows 10 used their upgrading option to upgrade from older OS to Windows 10. So if they have less hard disk or likely they ll not downgrade anymore. Then you can have the option to delete the older windows version.

To do this, Just open the Disk Clean Up. Select the drive C: and wait some time to initialize it. After it, select the previous installation files and temporary installation files of windows and click Ok. Bingo!!

Note: You cannot undone it, so use it wisely.

#4. Remove Unwanted Shortcuts From Start Menu

You can have a great control over start menu by removing unnecessary shortcuts from it. If you are a simple person to make you start menu clean and simple over than cluttered menu, then you can do this option to have it.

Click on start Menu, uncheck it all in the list. After scrolls down and uncheck unwanted folders and shortcuts to be removed from start menu and have a neat menu.

#5. Enabling Re-sizing Option For Start Menu

You can have the greater option to resize you start menu according to your need by hovering it, to the border and resize pointer appears and do whatever you want to.

#6. Disable Start Menu/Taskbar Transparency

In Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 , by its default it comes with transparent menu. Once again in Windows 10 too, it re-enabled by its default. So if you like the flat style and don’t want the transparent style.
You disable it,by going to settings and in personalization, click the colors and uncheck the option listed there to make start menu, taskbar transparent

#7. Enabling Command Prompt Keyboard Shortcuts

If you are a windows, command prompt user, you can re-back the keyboard key shortcuts in windows 10 too. For this just right click on the taskbar and go to the properties tab and enabling Ctrl key shortcuts on it. And now finally, command prompt shortcuts has been enabled.

#8. Removing Default Internet Explorer

After a long and long, Microsoft decided to remove I.E from their default browser and by releasing the new app, Edge. But if you wish it remove it completely and don’t want to see him no more 😛 , just open Windows Features On Or Of and uncheck the IE from it.

#9. Putting On Dark Mode For Microsoft Browser Edge

Microsoft launched Edge browser by replacing the default Internet Explorer and you can do awesome with this features, some may not like it as per reports. You can make Edge browser into Dark mode theme if you wish.

For this, Click on settings , under it select dark theme for it and have a fun.

#10. God Mode

It’s unnecessary to tell what God Mod is, In simple to enable it, create a folder and rename into


This will enable this folder into a God Mod, open it to see the features.

Bonus Tricks n Tips

Arrange Apps In Alphabetical Order : – For this, In start menu if you select any letter from the app list, it will change you apps list in the order alphabets.

Burn And Mount ISO Images without having any other software:-  Its very simply, simply right click on the ISO file and burn it.

Removing Login Authentication:- For this, press Win Key+R and type “netplwiz” there and in the window uncheck the option to enter username and password in there and click on Apply, Success….

Recording Game Play :- Game lovers may favor this a lot, they would like to share their game play video on YouTube and social networking websites. For this press WIN+G to open the game bar and click on record. Now it ll start recording and have a blast game.

Disabling WiFi Sense:- This is the windows 10 feature to the ability to share your password with other using social networking websites, also with Skype and outlook contacts which may lead to misuse this feature by strangers.
For disabling this, just go to settings and internet settings and manage wifi settings and uncheck all network options. That’s all..

So these are great-full tips and tricks to do with your Windows 10 OS. So if you think i have miss some unique features, just mention it and i will update it soon..

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