How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS Effectively

Tricks And tips to speed up Windows 10 performance by removing any Pre-installed system applications from your Windows 10 very easily.

Windows 10 is the newest and final OS made by Microsoft, there will no longer release any other OS.
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 Now, if you are Windows OS with a normal specifications like 1GB Ram or average type of processor, then surely you may feel lag sometimes. If you are updated your Windows 10 OS from Windows 7, surely you can feel the speed difference. This because of, Windows 10 comes with huge list of newly pre-installed application and suggested apps by default and not by the fault of Windows 10. Windows 10 comes with much speed and high performance OS. You can easily shutdown your Windows 10 OS within 2-3 seconds.

I am also using the Windows 10 OS nowadays and i feel better good design compared to Windows 8 and Windows 7. But i felt some lag and i doubt this may because of the unwanted pre-installed apps on your PC. So i decided to write some tips and tricks to speed up your Windows 10 OS by some tweaks. By following these methods you can speed up your Windows 10 OS by removing unwanted inbuilt applications.

How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS Effectively

How To Speed Up Windows 10 OS By Removing Pre-Installed Applications

So you can free up some disk space and lot of Ram which results in improving your speed by dismissing the lagging problem by following the below guide.So i hope you will love this method. Follow the below steps to bring some space in your Windows OS. This method is very simple and anyone can do this within minutes.

Easily Method To Remove Inbuilt Applications From Windows 10 OS

Step #1. First step is to open your settings menu. For this, search for Settings in start menu or simply press Windows + I key

Step #2. After opening the settings menu, click on the System option which is located on first.

How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS Effectively

Step #3. After opening it, select the Apps & Features on the left side menu.

Step #4. Then, you can see the huge list of all applications which currently installed on your PC. You can see the wide list of Microsoft Pre-installed apps there.

How To Speed Up Your Windows 10 OS Effectively

Step #5. After that, remove the unwanted apps from that list by clicking on the application and selecting the uninstall option from it. You can also uninstall the third party applications installed by your from that list. Also make sure to check double while uninstalling these apps.

Step #6. Close it all.

Perfect !! You have successfully removed the pre-installed apps from your PC and save a lot of space through. This will leads your PC to save some more and hard disk space which results in the improved performance also solves the lagging problem.

So here we completed the steps to remove unwanted applications from Windows 10 from your PC to free up some space and RAM. Through this method i hope your computer improved some speed.

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