How does one participate in an ICO, from regular cash to safe procession (step by step)?


Before you invest in an ICO read the website and the white paper that should be provided. Make sure the ICO has a viable business case and do your research around the subject. A lot of ICO’s are just money making exercises with no real product or service and nothing setup with the promise that all will arrive after the ICO, but never will.

It’s been big in the news that China has just banned all ICO’s as there is no regulation in place and some are raising hundreds of millions. Just be careful and do your research, never invest more than you can afford.

Many ICO’s allow you to pay via a credit card in dollars, or you can buy bitcoin or Ethereum and pay with that.

I invested a small amount in Polybius Foundation. This one is not a quick buck, in fact no ICO is to date, but I thought it was a good business model and they had a good plan. I’m looking forward to seeing the business go forward and hopefully some payback for my investment.

Good luck!

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