How to install webuzo, nginx and setup .htacess rules for wordpress and other CMS


What is Webuzo?
Webuzo is single user web control panel. You can deploy Web Apps (WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc) or System Apps (Apache, NGINX, PHP, Java, MongoDB, etc) on your virtual machines or in the Cloud.

What is Nginx?
Nginx  is a free, open-source, lite weight, high-performance web server and reverse proxy, as well as an IMAP/POP3 proxy server. Nginx is known for its high performance, stability, rich feature set, simple configuration, and low resource consumption.

Webuzo control panel support nginx web server. Nginx will help us to mitigate performance. Here I will try to install webuzo, nginx and wordpress. We’ll face 404 not found message if we enable wordpress rewrite rules. Because nginx doesn’t support .htacess. So we need to fix the issue. I will show you how to use .htaccess rules on nginx server. Okay, first we will install webuzo on centos 6.

Before we proceed to setup, we need to remove Apache from our server. Usually, Apache installed by default on the server conflicts with Webuzo’s Apache Binary located at /usr/local/apps/apache resulting in the “Internal Server Error”.

To remove apache, run following command.


Install Webuzo

The above command will install LEMP Stack alongwith BIND and EXIM. The installation will begin immediately. After complete the installation you will see something like this. To be on safer side run this in Screen session.

 This will setup the required Web Server and other important configurations. Note : A log file of the installation process will be created – /root/webuzo-install.log


Initial Setup
We need to complete initial setup now. Go to http://youripaddress:2004 and you will see like this.


Complete the initial setup, it will take 3 minutes to 10 minutes, It depends on your server/vps processing speed. Once done it will show you a success message. Then go to http://youripaddress:2002


Nginx Installation
(If you already installed Webuzo with Apache)
1) Install LEMP from the Webuzo Panel >> Apps >> Stacks




Switch to Nginx
Now we need to switch from Apache to Nginx. Go to System Utilities and select Nginx. Then click on the Edit settings button.



Confirm nginx is running from Webuzo Panel >> Services Menu



Now complete the WordPress installation. After complete the installation we need to configure nginx for url_rewrite.

We need to do it from ssh. Okay, lets edit /usr/local/apps/nginx/etc/conf.d/common to make wordpress run permalinks.


Add the following codes end of the file.

Now restart nginx.

Now put wordpress permalink code on you .htaccess file.

Now our setup and configuration is completed.

If you find that your server is unreachable or blank/white page is showing after Rebooting your server, than  use below command on SSH.

If still not resolved than please check with your iptables. Put your website IP address in whitelist. You can check by turning off iptables temporarily.

In case some error occurs during Webuzo installation and on retry if you get this error “webuzo is already installed. please rebuid the server to install again. exiting installer” than either rebuild your server or try removing below directories and retry installation.

For any queries issues you can comment below. we will be happy to help you.

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