Facebook Messenger Top 10 Features You Don’t Know

Discussing about the interesting top and awesome fun tricks and tips you can do with your Facebook messenger. So, throughout the post i am gonna provide you the best ever tricks which you didn’t even heard about it. 
In our present generation even a child must know about Facebook. It’s a large and huge social networking space where millions of peoples make their conversations with their fellows. You may  be a addicted Facebook user. So here, for all Facebook lovers we are presenting the list of top 10 Facebook messenger tricks and tips which you didn’t hear it before. This may be some tricky. These tips and tricks are very useful to all of daily Facebook users. We brings you the ultimate simplified interesting tips and tricks about Facebook messenger which it will be very useful for all of us.
So let’s start.
Facebook Messenger Top 10 Tips & Tricks You Don't Know

Innovative Top 10 Facebook Messenger Tips And Tricks 2016

Sounds interesting, right?. This may be crazy to you and you may thinking about how can i play with text messaging app. Yes!! it is true. You can play Chess game on your smartphone Facebook messenger app.

Top 10 Facebook Messenger Tips And Tricks You Don't Know

#1. Tell Me,  How Can I Play Chess Game On Facebook Messenger?

Wait..wait.. I am on the way actually.
For this just type, “@fbchess” (without quotes) in your facebook messenger conversation chat screen and hit the send button. Then you can see the Chess Game opens and you can play with your friend whom you send the text. Simple right??

#2. Receive and Send Cute Animal Image

You will get random cute animal images on the chat screen and you can send it to your friends. Also you can make it s your wallpaper.
For this, just type “@dailycute” in the conversation screen just like same as above. You will see a random cute and loving animal image on your chat screen.

#3. Adding Another App

For this, simply go to the settings of the app and choose ‘Accounts’ from it listed in the options. After selecting it, click on the ‘+‘ icon from there, the app will asks you to choose the facebook account which you want to add. Simply type you Facebook account and press OK. Done!!

#4. You Can See Your Hidden Messages, Requests

You may thinking about what it is and what the heck of message requests in Facebook messenger which i heard only about Facebook Friend Requests only.

Let me solve you all confusion. This means that some messages which send you from the persons you don’t know or some messages Facebook considers as the spam messages and you have to manually approve it to see on the conversation chat screen list in your Facebook messenger.
You got me??

Yeah, Of-course. Then how can i see the messages?

Let me complete it, For this, Open the settings of the FB messenger and select the ‘People’ option from the list from the settings menu. After that just click on the ‘Open Hidden Messages’ or ‘Open Hidden requests’ from it. And finally you can see the hidden messages and requests.

#5. Sync With Other Apps.

This is very easy. You have to simply send three dots (…) in the conversation screen and you can sync with the app whom whom you are sending the three dots will be sync with your phone.

#6. Log-Out From FB Messenger

The interesting fact that many of them don’t how to logout from FB messenger or you want to login into another FB account, Some of them often to uninstall the Facebook messenger app and re-installs it. There is an another simple method to logout from FB app.

Just open you Application manager in your mobile settings and hit on Clear Data option. Then open you FB app, you can you are just logged out from your Facebook messenger.

#7. Changing Default Like Button Emoji

All of them uses the Like Button emoji, in your chat screen. It’s a fact that you change the default Like Button Emoji hanging up there in the chat screen with other emoji’s.

Click on the Emoji button the FB messenger app and then change your default Like Button Emoji to something unique and new.

Make a change and Be Unique!!

#8. Muting Chat Notifications

In olden times in Facebook messenger there is an option to mute the group notifications. But know we have the ability to Mute the personal chat conversations too. It’s very simple. Simply long press on any of the chat and select mute notifications from the list. You can also have the option to set the time for muting it and after that time it will be in normal mode.

#9. Deleting Conversations

You can easily delete the entire conversations through FB messenger very easily. For this just simply long press on the chat and select Delete and the entire conversations will be deleted forever.

#10. Changing Conversation Color

And the last tip. You can change the color of the conversation screen of yours and both whom you are chatting with. This option may seen on the Hike messenger which you can change the default wallpaper in the chat screen for both sides. Like this, you can change the conversation color.
for this, just select the Color option from the chat screen options and simply change it with whatever you want.

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