How To Automatically Shut Down Your Computer


The easiest and simple trick to Shutdown your computer automatically by setting with your custom timer and your PC will be shutdown at the specific time. We are going to share you the tutorial on the topic ” Trick To Make Your PC Shutdown Automatically”.

Windows is the widely use personal computer OS by all. All of them loves windows. Most of them started their computer learning through windows computers. That much impact window made in us. So today we are here to learn on the topic How To Automatically Shutdown Your Computer At A Specific Time.

You may wonder on hearing this. Because maybe you didn’t even hear about this trick. But it’s a simple trick and anyone can do it successfully.

Normally we used to click on the shutdown button in windows start menu. This may get boring and do the same thing all the time. So you can automatically shutdowns your PC at a specific time by your choice.
You can also prank your friends by showing your or their computer automatically shutdowns and turned off while using it and this may get frightened by your friends. It’s also a prank to make fun with your friends

You can make fool your friends by using a simple notepad only. A notepad can do several things which you may don’t know and some cool tricks too. I will update a detailed post about notepad tricks after some days. So stay connected with us.

Enough!! Teach me to automatically shutdown my computer on the topic How To Shutdown Your PC Automatically At A Specific Time

Wait, one more thing to tell.

Through this method, it will create a shortcut on your desktop and clicking on it will start counting back to shutdown your PC by the time you set.

You can also use this method to shutdown your computer when you are downloading something from the internet and you can set the time by the estimated downloading time and after downloading your computer will be automatically turned off.
Interesting right?

So let’s start..

How To Prank Your Friends By Shutting Down Your PC Automatically?

Follow the below step by steps..

#Step1. Open Notepad by clicking on the start menu and search for Notepad or you can directly open it by right-clicking on your mouse and move to new and then new text document.

How To Automatically Shut Down Your Computer

#Step2. After opening Notepad, just copy paste the below piece of code into Notepad.

shutdown -s -t 60

How To Automatically Shut Down Your Computer

Here, in that code “60” mentions the time in seconds. So change this value to your wish in seconds.

1 Minute=60 Seconds.

Eg: If you want to set your computer to shutdown after 3 minutes then change the value to “180”.
If you want to set your computer to shutdown after 1 Hour then change the value to “3600” (60*60).

Got it!!


#Step3. After editing your code timing to your wish save that file using Save As option. Save it anywhere in desktop and change the name to “Shutdown.bat” you can change it with your desired name if you want. But always keep the “.bat” extension at last. Only after writing it this will works.

#Step4. Now open your desktop, you can see the file name in your save name with a new icon batch file.

#Step5. Simply click on it whenever you wants and this will shutdown your PC by the time you set from the time you click.

How To Automatically Shut Down Your Computer

Completed.. Simple right?

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